Palabra In Print | Edited by Charles Dominic Sanchez

A princess with a penchant for ice magic and a mysterious boy with a rare skill in teleportation and pyrokinetics face off against a tentacled monster right out of their fantasy world’s myth. A queer young man with an inability to process emotions goes on a road trip with friends, at the behest of this therapest, to find a book that just might make him feel something. A seemingly innocent farmer searches for his beloved dog in a small, indifferent provincial barrio.

These are just some of the worlds readers will encounter in PALABRA in Print, a collection of novellas and short stories written by the pioneering batch of BA Literary and Cultural Studies with Creative Writing majors of the University of San Carlos. Edited by their instructor in their Creative Writing – Fiction and Drama class, Charles Dominic Sanchez, this collection provided an overview of their creative imaginations, as well as serves as a primer of their budding and promising fiction-writing talents.